We want to take the future of access out of your hands.

We've all seen movies where a rich individual walks towards their office and, without moving a finger, is greeted by a self-opening door and a voice that warmly welcomes them. Such advanced technology is no longer reserved for the Tony Starks or Richard Bransons of the world - we at PrimeXcess are ready to make it available to everyone.

PrimeXcess is a product of 'Oracle Worldwide - PrimeXcess', which was founded in 2017 by Casey Liew. Together, they conceptualised a world where access and security could be modernized and automated, without the burden of large setup and operating costs. Cardless, keyless and codeless - PrimeXcess was created to take access out of your hands and into the future of smartphone identification.
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Our Vision

We envision a world without the need of multiple physical identifications. No more tags, keys, registrations, or tickets; you are recognized as you are, wherever you are. It is a future of endless possibilities.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in focusing on one thing, and doing it really well from the heart. PrimeXcess is dedicated to developing, innovating and providing security access solutions. From the beginning, our mission has always been to innovate and improve the lives of many. In doing so, we abide by the following principles.

Build a Platform

PrimeXcess is designed to be fully functional across all smartphone platforms such as Android or iOS, as long as they are equipped with Bluetooth, data access, and GPS.

Use our technology & resources to innovate the industry

As we lead the industry, we will continue to employ the most progressive technology at an unrivalled value.

More than just access

While access is our business, we couldn't be more different from companies who offer access systems. We offer a growing range of complementary services via our mobile app to constantly add more convenience.

Design with security in mind

Our product must be highly secure, hard to copy and difficult to crack, yet easy to use and manage.

The Team Behind The Future Of Access

Casey Liew

Co-Founder & CEO

A go-getter and natural entrepreneur since young, Casey Liew has had his hands in many ventures throughout his distinguished career. He has accrued significant management experience from running his own start-up company and has also helped to launch several new restaurants and businesses. He later leveraged on his PR experience and valuable contacts within the corporate world to provide consultancy services aimed at revolutionising the digital culture of large corporations. Now in his role as the sales extraordinaire for Oracle Worldwide - PrimeXcess, he is focused on spreading the news that the future of access has arrived in the present.


Chief Operating Officer

When it comes to start-up ventures, very few can claim to have the experience of our Chief Operating Officer Eehan. A seasoned start-up entrepreneur with natural business savvy, the self-confessed bona fide workaholic Eehan has founded no less than five companies in his career, all of which have enjoyed significant success and growth. In joining Oracle Worldwide - PrimeXcess, he brings with him an impressive 18 years of experience in advertising & design, along with a meticulous approach to work and a deep seated passion for exploring and developing new technology.


Chief Technology Officer

Omega, our Chief Technology Officer, is a multi-talented creator and an accomplished high achiever. He has accrued multiple creative awards from 2008-2017, most notably picking up the recent Indie Prize of “Best in Show Audience Choice Casual Connect Award 2016”, which came against 100 nominated participating game companies from around the world. Omega was also the first Malaysian to create a game to support the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset back 2013. True to his achievements, Omega’s interest lies in robotics and consistently challenging new technologies, which he brings in volumes to his role in Oracle Worldwide
access to the future

The Story behind our Slogan

In 1998, a book edited by Kelly Kevin called Signal was published. It wrote about an information age where smartphones, teleconferencing and online databases existed. It was a book that was pronounced ahead of its time. In June 2016, the same author released a book called The Inevitable, in which he imagines a future where people own nothing and have access to everything.

The unique premise of the book and Kevin's previous accuracy made us wonder whether in the future, we would indeed have access to everything. Inspired by the idea and noting its similarity to our vision here at PrimeXcess , the slogan "Access to the future" is born.